A.R.E. is present in all Italian airports, where more than 100 highly skilled and client-oriented professionals constitute the team that has maintained the organization in its position as a market leader for over 40 years. Flexibility and the capability to quickly adapt to customers and market requirements represent our strongest qualities.
Our mission is to perform all station functions on behalf of our client the airline. To be able to provide lower costs, protect interests, resolve problems, and ensure proper ground services, all in accordance with the air carriers strategic objectives and procedures.

  • Management of airport clearance slots
  • Arrangement of crew layovers (transfers, hotels, wake-up calls, etc)
  • On-line aviation information updates through our web-site
  • Catering coordination
  • Qualified personnel at our Operations Centre in Rome, including 24hrs contact
  • Management of ATC departure slots
Flight Supervision
Flight Supervision
  • Liaison between carrier and all airport departments, local vendors
  • Participation in A.O.C. and Users' Committees
  • Substitution of own airlines station manager during leave
  • Catering supervision and coordination
  • Supervision of operational messages issued by local ground handling agencies
  • Supervision of all front line activities to achieve customer satisfaction
  • Supervision of all ramp activities to ensure safety, security, punctuality and quality
  • handling of prolonged stopovers, delays, cancellations and diversions of flights including hotel accommodation, meals, transportation
  • Complete follow up during irregularities with supplier, and full post-flight report provided
  • Completion of any post-flight duties required by airline
  • Qualified Load Masters available on sight and abroad