Our company has been in the Aviation Field for over 40 years now, and it's present in all Italian airports with multilingual agents dedicated to Vip Services.
Description of services provided :


  • Passenger/s met at aircraft (if authorized by local airport authority)
  • Escorted directly to arrivals baggage carousel, or first through passport control if Non-Schengen origin, assisting as quickly as possible, although in Italy there is no official passport control fast-track
  • Once baggage identified, and baggage transported by porter (if requested), exit through customs
  • Proceed to meet driver of transfer car, with whom we have been in contact and updated
  • In event of missing, damaged luggage, ARE agent will assist guest to complete claim at Lost and Found


  • Guest/s will be met curbside with porters if requested
  • Escorted to the appropriate check-in desk
  • If needed, informed of procedure for tax refund, and assisted accordingly
  • Once check-in completed, if guest is travelling business class, fast-track security channel and VIP lounge is included in ticket. They will be accompanied appropriately
  • If guest is travelling economy class, ARE can arrange for the fast-track security channel and VIP access lounge at a separate charge
  • Once aircraft ready to board, client will be escorted to gate and ensure boards smoothly

Flight Supervision
Flight Supervision


  • Monitor flight status and notify client/s of flight timeliness or updates
  • Meeting client(s) at flight arrival gate or outside custom depending on local airport rules
  • Assist with luggage and check-in on departing flight
  • Expedite through security for departing flight, if required
  • Coordinate Vip Lounge, if required
  • Once aircraft ready to board, client will be escorted to gate and ensure boards smoothly
  • Assistance in the event of flight cancellation and/or missed connection


  • Arrival and Departure Airport VIP Services
  • Meet & Greet on arrival
  • Connection Meet & Greet
  • Meet & Greet curbside and/or hotel for departure
  • Baggage Porter service
  • VAT tax free refund assistance
  • VIP lounge and Fast-Track security access
  • Assistance processing immigration and customs
  • Private transfer to/from aircraft
  • Priority assistance at Lost & Found
  • Limousine service arrangements to /from airport
  • Assistance for passengers with reduced mobility/special needs
  • Assistance to elderly passengers
  • Assistance to young tavellers
  • Airline ticketing